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How Rebol's macros differ from Lisp's (
3 points by akkartik 2390 days ago | 2 comments

2 points by hjek 2388 days ago | link

Sadly, the Rebol license is source-available but non-free,

> * You cannot modify the software or the license.[1]


The example of making a message visible through a variable is simple in Arc (and afaict, in Scheme, too),

    (def gt10 (v c) (if (> v 10) (c)))
    (let msg "hello" (gt10 30 [pr msg]))
    ; "hello"
I wonder why that's so problematic in Common Lisp?


1 point by akkartik 2388 days ago | link

You're passing in a function to gt10, and the article does admit that that is doable everywhere:

"The trick is to change the unit of currency from passing source code to passing functions."

But try passing in '(pr msg) as a list to gt10.