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Creating a HN-like site for specialized content - looking for collaborators
2 points by noobie 702 days ago | 3 comments
Hi everyone,

I started learning Arc & Lisp 4 months ago and I believe Arc and Lisp dialects are the most beautiful programming languages in existence today.

My background is in investment research at a large institutional investor. I am now building out a site where I will be curating and creating specific investment research analysis for members.

I'd like it to use the same simple mechanism of HN - upvoting of posts and comments, and a clean interface. This will bring a new level of interactivity into reports and news and transcripts. Imagine if professional investors all over the world had a forum like this -- to discuss quality content -- instead of relying on their face-to-face networks?

Might anyone here be interested in working together to adapt the HN code from

Modifications: search, social media links, submission text formatting options, and having the page split into three horizontal parts, each with its own aggregator count.

I promise it'll be fun - I'll code with you as much as I can, and supply the content.

Once we get a good base of members and engagement, we can explore revenue options. Have a couple in mind and would love to share with anyone who is up to listen!

2 points by i4cu 700 days ago | link

You're pointing to a repository that was created 6 years ago and has had no work done on it - at all.

Just my two cents, but maybe you should do some work + commits and get the ball rolling before putting out a call for help on a untouched dead repository of your making. Or even better, pick some of the items from here [1] and start by contributing to Anarki as a community member.



2 points by noobie 699 days ago | link

You're right! I am working on it.

Just have a bunch of things to juggle at the same time. I just thought I'd give a shoutout first.

Thanks for the link - and the comment about discourse.


3 points by jsgrahamus 699 days ago | link

Can you give us an idea of what it would look like?