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2 points by akkartik 628 days ago | link | parent

The later version should work. The installation instructions here at are unfortunately out of date. Please follow the instructions at

2 points by hjek 628 days ago | link

It's kind of sad that while HN gets all these new features, no admin has taken 10 mins of their time to update the installation instructions here.

Akkartik, have you ever tried contacting PG/YC about allowing you to admin this forum?


4 points by rocketnia 628 days ago | link

I've been pretty shy about it, but I finally sent a tweet three years ago.


3 points by akkartik 627 days ago | link

Tweets can be missed. Perhaps we should email

I've been reluctant to do this, because the outcome may well be, "wait, is this old site really still up? Let's just take it down." :) Don't mind li'l ol' us out here, we're no trouble, no trouble at all..


3 points by i4cu 627 days ago | link

If someone does email, please request that the main page[1] be updated with a link to anarki as opposed to just a change in install instructions.


edit: I'm ok if they take it down. I'll know where to go via the anarki wiki (if someone updates it). And it may actually be better if they do take it down IMHO as it will force everyone to find a place with more control over the setup.


3 points by krapp 627 days ago | link

I mean... would it be so bad for the Anarki community to be hosted on a forum running Anarki?


2 points by hjek 627 days ago | link

Then we would be even able to actually search stuff on the site!


3 points by shader 627 days ago | link

I think if we fork the community site to run on anarki. which I think is more likely than being given control over the Arc Forum, we should consider ways to archive and bring forward all of the stuff on the existing arc forum. It shouldn't be too hard to crawl the forum, though I think there might be some DoS prevention that would slow it down.


2 points by hjek 627 days ago | link

> "wait, is this old site really still up? Let's just take it down."

That is a valid concern. Perhaps, we could ask that if YC chooses to shut it down, could they at least give someone here a copy of the `www` folder?

Then someone could take over hosting this forum (which possibly might be on a different domain).

I have a somewhat reliable server running anyway, and it wouldn't be a problem for me to do this, but if someone else could do it, that would also be great.

But yes, worst case scenario is that this site is nuked. But that would just be such a disrespectful response, so I kinda doubt it..?