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3 points by akkartik 627 days ago | link | parent

Just greadlink in case the location where you cloned anarki lies somewhere within a symlink:


3 points by i4cu 627 days ago | link

ok thanks. I wasn't familiar with greadlink so I didn't know it was a 'thing'.


3 points by akkartik 627 days ago | link

I kinda misspoke. The explanation is at the top of the file:

    Put a symlink to this script somewhere in your path.
The goal seems to be to deduce where the sources are, independent of where the driver script is called from.


3 points by hjek 627 days ago | link

Why aren't we just using

    cd $(dirname "$0")
to change to the arc dir?

greadlink shouldn't be necessary.


3 points by akkartik 626 days ago | link

That was my initial thinking as well, hence the ':/'.

But later I realized there's a good reason:


2 points by hjek 626 days ago | link

Oh, symlinks! I see.