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2 points by hjek 349 days ago | 3 comments
Does anyone know how the `vouch` functionality on HN works?

I imagine it's a bit like the opposite of flagging?

3 points by i4cu 349 days ago | link

My understanding is just that - it's the opposite of flag, however I thought there was some karma threshold or something that permitted vouch to occur, where as flag was fairly immediate. Maybe is just needs to be dead first.

You can also see from here:

  Today’s new feature lets users rescue [dead] posts on a 
  case by case basis. Beside the ‘flag’ link, you’ll see a 
  ‘vouch’ link to click when a post should not be [dead]. 
  When enough users vouch for a post, the software will 
  unkill it. Think of vouches as the inverse of flags: a 
  flag says that a post shouldn’t be on HN; a vouch says it 


3 points by zck 348 days ago | link

> Maybe is just needs to be dead first.

Yeah, if you have enough karma, you can see "vouch" links on dead submissions. The easiest way to see this is to go to; many of those links will be dead.


3 points by hjek 346 days ago | link

So you need to have `showdead` enabled for vouch to ever be visible, I guess?