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3 points by shader 700 days ago | link | parent

I was expecting to stay mostly as it is. Support for newcomers to arc would be included in that.

You may not be entirely wrong, but I probably shouldn't have tried to compress a description of a language used and developed by a loosely federated group of unique individuals into a single phrase.

I can try to unpack it a bit...

"Experimental (language) hacking" -> Exploratory programming is supposedly a primary paradigm of arc

"Experimental language hacking" -> Arc isn't exactly production ready; it's a very experimental language, and that makes it fun (and sometimes frustrating) to use, and easier to explore new directions and possibilities. You're less likely to reverently assume that the way it is is the way it must be.

"Experimental language hacking" -> And yes, we hack on arc itself. So I am thinking a bit of a language design community, I guess. In an anarchic language community though, the lines between 'users' and 'designers' become rather vague...