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3 points by shader 997 days ago | link | parent

Anyone know how long an IP stays banned? Or what I can do about it? Rather inconvenient not to be able to check the forum from home...

I suppose I could set up a proxy or something. And I was planning on scraping everything to a new community site anyway, so maybe I should take this as the incentive to do so.

3 points by i4cu 997 days ago | link

Looks as though it ranks how bad you are and always keeps the baddest of the bad-asses in cache, while never deleting any from disk. In a low volume site like this I doubt you'll get out of it without contacting them.


2 points by hjek 997 days ago | link

Amazing you managed to get your IP banned!

Hacker News has an IP unpanning procedure[0] but I don't think Arc Forum has one.

In the Arc 3.1 code there is a function `set-ip-ban` for unbanning users, but no `unban` op.

(Someone should add that to Anarki, actually.)



2 points by akkartik 997 days ago | link

Hmm, I wonder if it stays banned until they restart the server. I'd ping


2 points by hjek 996 days ago | link

Looks like banned IPs are written to the disk even:

    (def set-ip-ban (user ip yesno (o info))
      (= (banned-ips* ip) (and yesno (list user (seconds) info)))
      (todisk banned-ips*))