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Dependency on 'random and running anarki in a vm
4 points by krapp 1993 days ago | 2 comments
Has anyone had any success running anarki in a Vagrant box?

I've gotten as far as being unable to install sha through raco because of an ssl handshake failure.

Racket works fine, though.

For reference here is my current vagrantfile[0].


... also I appear to be banned. I probably clicked a link too fast or something. Having a rate limit and auto-banning for GET requests is just ridiculous :/

3 points by shawn 1993 days ago | link

You can visit to unban yourself once. A little easter egg pg left.


2 points by hjek 1990 days ago | link

Just a guess: Maybe the Racket version shipped with Ubuntu Trusty Tahr is out of date? Perhap try adding the Racket PPA[0].