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3 points by rocketnia 733 days ago | link | parent

Some pretty good quotes from this thread:


paulgraham: "Really? You've been mad at me for years for writing a new Lisp dialect? But new dialects are so common in the history of Lisp. I've probably used 20 in my life. And why be so attached to CL specifically?

In the old days, Lisp hackers always used multiple dialects, and basically tried to program as close to the platonic form of Lisp as they could modulo the flaws of whatever one they happened to be using. Don't things work that way now? Are there lots of people who are attached to CL specifically rather than Lisp generally?"


demoss: "What is annoying is that for 6 years now you have been building a following of people who go "Lisp is theoretically nice, but all the existing ones are SO full of onions! I'm going to wait for Arc to come out before I learn Lisp!""


death: "The cardinal rule of Lisp: don't reinvent, integrate."

paulgraham: "I don't know where you picked this up, but it seems the very opposite of the Lisp spirit to me. E.g. Steele and Sussman. Are you sure you didn't mean the cardinal rule of Java or something?"

2 points by i4cu 733 days ago | link

Wow. I hadn't read that post before. And here I was thinking I'm too critical sometimes.