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2 points by shawn 507 days ago | link | parent

Stick around! We like submissions :)|programming for general programming stuff




And you can make your own tags:

(That would post a link to /l/whatever, /l/foo, and /l/bar.)

3 points by krapp 507 days ago | link

It looks like it's possible to draw without being logged in.

You might want to fix that, otherwise the whole thing looks like a DDOS attack waiting to happen.


2 points by shawn 507 days ago | link

'Tis a feature, not a bug.

Bonus: the whole thing runs on a $5/mo FreeBSD droplet. Arc's performance is just that good.

The graphs have been incredible:

I guess people really like toys written in arc....

You're right about the DDOS. Someone from the Czech Republic wrote a script to wipe the map. It briefly froze up the server.

I solved that by cloning the endpoint, disabling the old one, optimizing the new one, then rolling back the board by 1 hour. The scripter stopped.

If stuff like that keeps happening, I imagine we can fight it via cloudflare firewall rules.