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2 points by akkartik 1125 days ago | link | parent


What are the two test failures in?

3 points by zck 1125 days ago | link

As it turns out, it's one test failure (not sure how I got the data into a weird state). It's in the test `tests-are-wrapped-to-create-test-result-template`:

It's failing because `(type (inst 'foo))` is different in Anarki than Arc. It's a simple change to make it work; I just want to do two things before I stop looking at it:

1. Look deeper into the template inconsistencies. Thanks for the files about this in Anarki. 2. Decide if I want to cut support for Arc, or make this code work in both. This might just involve killing the test, as it's not the _most_ useful test.


2 points by akkartik 1125 days ago | link

Ouch, have the tests for unit-test.arc been failing for the past year? :( :( Very sorry about that. I see the failure now.

I somehow forgot that unit-test.arc has its own tests. Could you post the instructions for running the tests in the Readme? That would also have the salubrious side effect of showing people a way to run a bunch of existing tests.

Edit: I've added some instructions for running unit-test.arc tests to the Anarki readme: Hopefully that'll help remind me.


2 points by zck 1124 days ago | link

Don't worry about it! I haven't even run them in a long time, until this week -- I figured I could get teardown functionality working, then remove the hack around running Anarki tests (

Thanks for adding the instructions.


3 points by rocketnia 1121 days ago | link

Once that last one is passing (or maybe even before it's passing), should the top-level tests.arc run these tests too? That way this can be caught not only by Travis CI, but also by people running tests.arc according to the readme.


2 points by zck 1121 days ago | link

Good question. I guess it's a question of if we have enough Anarki tests to minimze breaking changes.

If we do, then I don't know if it matters if we run unit-test.arc tests -- it's just one Arc library, presumably of several.

It's a little different than other libraries because it's what we use for Anarki unit tests.

Running it as part of Anarki's unit tests would prevent breakage, and is a simple solution to get a lot more tests added to the language. Anyone want to write a bunch of tests for Anarki itself?


3 points by akkartik 1121 days ago | link

Anarki isn't really intended to avoid or minimize breaking changes. The unit tests verify only that everything is internally consistent. That boundary around 'internal' should include unit-test.arc, I think.