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Flip: a simple Lisp OS made for the Lisp Jam on Handmade Network (
2 points by akkartik 1410 days ago | 3 comments

2 points by jsgrahamus 1409 days ago | link

Tell us more


1 point by akkartik 1408 days ago | link

I've been hanging out on the Handmade Network Discord channel recently. Mostly because I've developed RSI so can't work as much on Mu, and because I'm bored staying home for months on end.

The site seems to be some sort of offshoot from a channel where a game developer used to screencast himself developing a game:

From what I can piece together, Handmade Network periodically has some sort of Jam for a few days where a few people hack on projects following some theme.

The most recent theme was Lisp:

Flip was built for the Lisp Jam. You can see a demo about it here: (though you'll need to sign up to that Discord group)

There was a discussion about it, a sort of debrief after the Jam, that you can read at

It's already sparked a bunch of ideas for me: So decent payoff on being bored and finding this community :)


2 points by jsgrahamus 1408 days ago | link

Sounds interesting. Sorry about the RSI. Went to using an ergonomic keyboard, which seems to have squelched it for me.