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2 points by Mitranim 1359 days ago | link | parent

> Why do you care about emitting exactly the code that was parsed? What new apps does it enable?

Got a `gofmt` addiction, can't go back. Auto-formatting should ship with every language.

Briefly skimmed the Go implementation, and you seem to be right: it seems to lose whitespace and enforce its own formatting.

> Are you aware of any languages that perfectly reproduce input layout?

For now just my own. [1] The language isn't real yet, and might never be realized, but it has a base data notation (very Lisp-like), a parser, and I just started writing a formatter. Because the AST for the data notation preserves whitespace and comments, the formatter can print the code _exactly_ as is. This has interesting repercussions.

For a fully-implemented formatter for a fully-defined language, you wouldn't need whitespace; see Go. However, being able to print everything back means your formatter is usable from the start. It can support one or two simple rules, making only minor modifications, but you can use it on real code right away. Furthermore, this means we'll _always_ be able to choose which rules to enable or disable, which can be handy if the family of languages described in terms of this notation has different formatting preferences. I actually want the formatter shipped with the language, like `gofmt`, to be non-configurable, but this still seems like a useful quality.