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2 points by akkartik 634 days ago | link | parent

Thanks for raising these questions! A few random thoughts that immediately occur to me:

My general bias is that CI infrastructure is uneconomic for this project[1], given the amount of effort I'm willing to put into Anarki at this point. But I have absolutely no objection to others continuing to maintain it.

I'd be fine with having a more complex set of instructions for contributors than newcomers. I'm totally willing to perform those commands for myself when I make changes to Anarki.

I'd also be ok with undoing some of this complexity if you want to do that, though I don't mean to push for that in any way.

I think it's also not super onerous to require people to manually update the docs when making changes. That way we can get rid of gh-pages, and configure Github to just rebuild docs from the trunk branch. That eliminates one use case for CI.

Your final proposal is also fine, though as you mentioned someone would have to implement it.. :)

[1] As context, I also plan to remove CI from the project I _do_ actively work on.

2 points by rocketnia 633 days ago | link

I appreciate your frankness, lol. Anarki maintenance happens whenever we feel like it. :-p I have been feeling an inkling of an Arc urge lately, hence this post, but I have other priorities right now that this is basically procrastination from.

What do you mean by getting GitHub to build docs from the trunk branch? That's what that part of the CI script is there to simulate; I think there's still no actual way to configure GitHub Pages to build from anything but a `gh-pages` branch or a `<username>` repository.


2 points by akkartik 633 days ago | link

A few years ago GitHub added the ability to specify a branch for a project. See the GitHub pages section of

I have a site at but it's served directly from the main branch. There's no gh-pages branch at


2 points by rocketnia 632 days ago | link

Oh, I see, you're right. I checked that settings page, but the big blank "social preview" image made me think I was at the end of the page, so I forgot I could scroll down. That's interesting.


2 points by krapp 633 days ago | link

>I think it's also not super onerous to require people to manually update the docs when making changes.

It really isn't. I need to add documentation for a lot of things.


2 points by krapp 632 days ago | link

This is a bit off topic but what happened to the projects tab for the repo? I had a vaguely organized project for the forum up there.


2 points by akkartik 632 days ago | link

Oh sorry, I cleaned up some tabs because I saw tabs overflowing into a menu on the right. I'll restore it.


3 points by krapp 632 days ago | link

Ok thanks.

Also, hey everybody, there's a project tab for the forum on the repo. Feel free to add to it, or whatever.

I'll get around to working on it again sooner or later.