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1 point by akkartik 791 days ago | link | parent

I can reproduce it. And it doesn't seem to depend on the comparison function:

    arc> (sort < '("orange" "pea" "apricot" "apple"))
    Error: "set-car!: expected argument of type <pair>; given: 577273856"
What version of Racket are you using? I'm running 8.2, and I see some weirdness:

    arc> (let x '("orange" "pea" "apricot" "apple") (= (car x) 1))
    arc> (let x '("orange" "pea" "apricot" "apple") (= (car x) 1) x)
    Error: "invalid memory reference.  Some debugging context lost"
The "bleeding edge" community repo at doesn't seem impacted.

Edit 14 minutes later: looks like 7.7 shows identical errors.

Edit 45 minutes later: all this works fine with Racket 6.0. That version was already dealing with immutable lists by default (, so I'm inclined to consider this a regression in Racket.