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Why does Arc restrict HTML attributes?
3 points by zck 688 days ago | discuss
I'm looking at some HTML generation, and I'm a little confused as to how attributes are handled. In Arc 3.1, to be able to use an attribute with a tag, they have to be specifically registered.

But that seems to have changed in Anarki. An attribute that is not registered treats its value [as a string]( I suspect there's some more room for simplification because of this change.

So, in Anarki, what's the point of registering? There's opstring and opnum, which only differ in double-quoting the value. Opcolor prints a # before the hex representation of the value.

The only difference between opsym and opnum, as far as I can tell, is that opnum doesn't print anything if given a nil value.

Opsel and opcheck print out selected or checked, depending if the value is truthy.

Basically, I'm seeing this as all more complicated than it needs to be -- both in the original Arc design, but also in the current Anarki functionality. What am I missing?