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3 points by icemaze 4537 days ago | link | parent

1. Seems unimportant to me. Probably it's mostly an aesthetical matter, thus very subjective.

2. I like the default. Macros are hard and the last thing I wanna do is learn TWO macro systems. Also, I really can't get scheme-style macros. They just won't click.

"Turning off" variable capture is pretty straightforward once you get it. And there are tools that can help you do it easily. It's not the most convenient thing in the world, I admit, but it's good enough for me.

3. Yes, I like uniformity too. Why not `(a b . ,others) instead? Would be more similar to what we do elsewhere. Oh, well...

1 point by bogomipz 4535 days ago | link

You can already do `(a b . ,others) in any Lisp. I just checked PLT, Arc and SBCL.


1 point by maxwell 4537 days ago | link

If it's only "good enough," it's probably not good enough...