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Ask PG: Why the Perl Artistic License?
8 points by squirrel 4377 days ago | 4 comments
There seems to be a discussion here:

but you didn't comment on the choices suggested.

9 points by pg 4377 days ago | link

Trevor recommended it.


11 points by kostas 4377 days ago | link

Ask Trevor: Why the Perl Artistic License?


1 point by mst 4377 days ago | link

Just make sure it's Artistic License v2; there are some doubts over v1 and while most of the perl community doesn't really seem to be worried by them certain distros (notably fedora) dislike it and tend to spam people with software under it asking them to relicense.

Me, I just use the perl5 license and tell the people who don't like AL1 they can use the GPL half of the disjunction if it upsets them so much.


1 point by icemaze 4377 days ago | link

It is: "Permission to use it is granted under the Perl Foundations's Artistic License 2.0."