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1 point by sacado 4322 days ago | link | parent

  >  => ((key2 . different-val2) (key1 . val1) (key2 . val2))
When you don't know why your design's wrong, ask almkglor :)

Ok, well it's probably a little trickier than I thought... Maybe a dual implementation, as you suggest, would work then...

3 points by stefano 4322 days ago | link

Another point to consider is that if your a-list is very small (<= 5 elements) it could be faster than hash tables. The sharing behavior could be achieved with some sort of concatenated hash-tables, a list of tables to consider in turn to find the desired element. This seems very slow though. BTW, removing a-lists would be useless: they're so simple to implement that a lot of developers (me included) would re-invent them to use in their applications.


1 point by almkglor 4322 days ago | link