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16 points by drcode 4592 days ago | link | parent

I have a simple arc->js translator just for this purpose. Basically, a "parenscript" for arc.

It's needs a lot more work though before it's worth posting publicly- Not sure if/when I'll get around to doing this.

(If I get six or more points on this post I suppose I'd consider getting it out sooner for others to play with :-)

4 points by drcode 4591 days ago | link

Ok- I still have a bit of work to do on it, but I'll try to release it in a couple weeks or so.


2 points by andreyf 4558 days ago | link

This is a "parenscript" for Allegro Lisp/AllergroServe. Def. worth looking at


1 point by andreyf 4591 days ago | link

I'm pretty n00b to Arc, could you please send me a copy privately to see how these things evolve?


1 point by drcode 4591 days ago | link