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1 point by almkglor 4155 days ago | link | parent

> "cute"

For me, cute means something really really nice, not necessarily useless. Like cute mature women, for example. Or better: cute girls, with guns. LOL.

Method chaining may require us to rethink PG's type system, at least if we want to handle a drop-down to a more generic type (which arguably is the more interesting bit about chaining). It's reasonably easy to drop from the "argument 2 matched type T" to "argument 2 matched no types", but how about when we want to drop from "argument 2 matched derived type D" to "argument 2 matched base type B"?


We would have to have an operator which determines if D is derived from some random type B, and forcibly standardizing on it. This is going to make my head explode.