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2 points by cchooper 3629 days ago | link | parent

You shouldn't need ssh just to clone the repo. This should work fine:

git clone git://

However, you can't push using that URL, so you'll end up with an un-pushable copy. Have you tried looking through all the guides?

To reorder arguments in a single call... it would certainly be easy to do that for binary functions:

  (def swap (f)
    (fn (x y) (y x)))

  ((swap foo) "foo" "bar")
  => barfoo
That's about the best I can do,

As for the silence, it appears almkglor and stefano are busy working on hl ( I don't know if they still read the forum. I suspect a lot of other people are getting disheartened.

Also, until there's another release of Arc, there isn't much to talk about.

1 point by shader 3628 days ago | link

Yes, I think I've followed all of the guides. However, I keep getting the "Permission (publickey)" error. I wonder if there are more configurations like username or email address that have to be the same as what github expects?