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Curl in arc
1 point by shader 3422 days ago | 3 comments
How would you implement curl-like functionality in arc? I.e. make http requests, pass cookies, follow redirects, etc.

It doesn't seem like it's impossible to implement the basic features, but I was wondering how you would go about doing it.

On the other hand, how does ffi.arc work? It seems like it's supposed to do things like this (i.e. include foreign functions ;) but I don't know how to use it. That would probably be easier than implementing it myself, and arguable more useful in the long run.

3 points by conanite 3422 days ago | link

there's stefano's http-get library in anarki, see


1 point by shader 3422 days ago | link


Do we have any documentation for the various libs included in anarki? Or at least a list of what's available?

What use is a library if I can't find it, and can't use it once I do? ;)


1 point by shader 3421 days ago | link

How would you add support for cookies to http-get?