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1 point by rntz 3523 days ago | link | parent

'fns is nice, but I'd like to be able to pass it symbols, not just strings. (Just run 'string on the argument.) I'll push this to anarki next chance I get, unless there are objections.

It would also probably be nicer if passing the 'test argument didn't make the 'pfx argument irrelevant - it's not really an optional argument, it's a bimodal function. Perhaps just testing whether the 'pfx argument was a function and using it as test if it were, and otherwise using [prefix string.pfx _]? This is a bigger change, though, and I won't push it unless people think it's a good idea.

1 point by shader 3523 days ago | link

I've done most of that, but I haven't pushed it yet. The only thing different is that I made pfx optional too, so that it would return all functions if you called fns with no args.

Another difference is that I made fns a macro so that it would quote the symbol passed to it, instead of evaluating it. Maybe that's what you mean. Unfortunately, the scheme of taking in bare symbols as prefixes is rather incompatible with the test to see if it's a function.

Right now the way you'd call it if you wanted your own function without a prefix is (fns nil [ex _]).

Should I push what I have?