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1 point by shader 3413 days ago | link | parent

I agree with you. I don't think that returning a range is necessary.

Even if call position and assignment weren't handled separately, it would still be possible to work off of the length of the argument and the index, without needing a range.

The question is whether or not pg agrees with us enough to add it to arc3 ;)

1 point by conanite 3413 days ago | link

If there are 100 arc coders in the world, there are probably 100 versions of arc also. The question is whether you want it in your arc :)


1 point by shader 3413 days ago | link

True. And I do. Unfortunately, I'm busy working on several other things at once right now. If you want to start working on it, be my guest. Hopefully I'll be able to share what I've been doing soon.


1 point by Adlai 3413 days ago | link

I guess that (str "world") could just return an index, because (= (str "world") "arc") has access to the entire call, and can thus calculate

  (+ (str "world") (len "world"))
to figure out what the tail of the string should be after a substitution.