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1 point by shader 3007 days ago | link | parent

I'd like it if everything written on the forum was posted in some way to anarki, so that we could track its history and have a central location to go for example code.

One of the advantages of anarki is that everyone has commit access, so you don't need to wait on anyone to give you access or to integrate your code.

3 points by akkartik 3007 days ago | link

Every few months I think of building a webapp that integrates anarki and arc forum, so commits link to posts referring to them, and vice versa..


1 point by shader 3006 days ago | link

Interesting idea, though I'm not sure that all commits should generate a post to the forum, and I don't know how you would go about selectively generating them.

How were you thinking that it would work? Maybe you could do it the other direction: you create a specially formatted post, and all of the code in it gets auto-committed to a certain branch on anarki.

I don't know how you would update commits to mention a post created after they were, and linking from a post to a commit is rather trivial already.


2 points by rocketnia 3006 days ago | link

I don't know if this really solves anything, but GitHub does have support for commenting on commits. So linking to a new Arc Forum post from an old Anarki commit is already as trivial as linking the other way around. The problem is that nobody's looking there (right?).

How about having every Anarki commit be a forum topic after all, but having those topics be hidden on a separate "commit log" page until someone promotes them?


2 points by akkartik 3006 days ago | link

Rather than create forum posts for every single commit, I'd just track the RSS feeds for AF and, and look for URLs in one that contain URLs in the other.

Now when you go to a commit it might say "referred to at "

That's it :) The problem's that it hardly seems worth a new website. Hmm, perhaps I should make it a greasemonkey script running on that talks to a second server.

It would still be up to committers to describe their change on AF, and to include a link to the commit.


1 point by akkartik 3003 days ago | link

Independent of the webapp I'd like to suggest the best practice of inserting a permalink to a relevant repo at least once during a thread.

Often when I dive into the AF archives I find people talking about variants of arc semantics that it's a lot of trouble to reconstruct. I'm guilty of this as well with wart and whatnot. At the time the context was clear to the participants, but they've since moved on. We could find the context in some nearby thread, but it's hard to locate nearby threads. The only thing that's easy is clicking parent again and again until we get to the top, then doing a search for a github link or something.