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Arc compiler targeting the Parrot VM (2010) (
3 points by akkartik 2367 days ago | 4 comments

3 points by hjek 2366 days ago | link

Looks interesting. But is anyone actually able to run this?

Parrot is apparently a VM that Perl6 runs on, but the install script throws a syntax error when run with Perl6. With Perl5 it complains about a missing `parrot_config`.


2 points by akkartik 2366 days ago | link

No I didn't try it..


4 points by shader 2366 days ago | link

What are the strengths of Parrot as a platform compared to other VMs?


3 points by shader 2366 days ago | link

As a result of my research trying to answer this question, I now think it would be interesting to use PyPy to implement arc, if nobody has done so yet.