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1 point by shader 4601 days ago | link | parent

Customizability of the lib folder is probably a good idea, but it will probably done via hacking the code for the lib functions ;) It shouldn't be that hard to do anyway. With my naming scheme, you'd just change the string that was prepended to the library name.

I'm not sure that odd/even version numbers is such a good idea. It could be very confusing that way. I think that CatDancer's requirement of libraries to be static is a much more reliable concept. Otherwise like he said you'd need to check periodically for updates.

Libraries should also be able to depend on whatever they want. That's the author's decision. If they need the beta version, but they've tested it and know that what they have written is stable, then they should be allowed to publish it that way. They can always make a new version if they need a bug fix.

Also, since the version is just part of the lib name, you can have as many layers of minor version that you want i.e. 1.5.200906015.

1 point by CatDancer 4601 days ago | link

Libraries should also be able to depend on whatever they want

Dependencies should actually be managed outside of the libraries themselves. For example, I have a library foo that depends on bar. Later a new version of Arc comes out that implements what bar did. Now foo doesn't need bar any more. But foo itself hasn't changed, so I shouldn't have to release a new version of foo just to say that it doesn't need bar with this new version of Arc.

Instead we publish dependency information about libraries. For example, I can say that foo needs bar 0 and arc 3, or just arc 4... something like:

  (needs (foo 0) (or ((bar 5) (arc3 0)))
                     ((arc4 0))))


1 point by Adlai 4601 days ago | link

The odd/even numbering doesn't have to be exactly that way. It could also be something like foo/xyzlib/1b for the beta, and foo/xyzlib/1 for the "stable" version.